Supported Living

Step Down

Lily Care provide Supported Living services  in Northampton and Milton Keynes, where care and support for adults with complex needs including dual diagnoses of learning disability and mental illness is available. The houses which are part of the local communities provide a safe and supportive environment, which allows everyone the opportunity to develop skills for more independent living in the future. We encourage all to engage in meaningful activity, ensuring a balance of self-care, leisure and productivity (employment/education).

Step Down is part of the mental health care pathway; it is a modern, non-clinical environment that supports people moving from secure environments into the community. We also support people in transition from secure forensic services to community living. We can support people informally, on community treatment orders and conditional discharge from the Mental Health Act before the move into the community.

The service provides person-centred care by helping people create their own care plans, identifying personal needs, the outcomes that they want in their life, and how our staff will support them in achieving this on their recovery journey. The service promotes the social inclusion of our service users, through challenging stigma and discrimination; encouraging re-integration and participation in the community, and focusing on education and employment. It also promotes positive risk taking, to increase a service user’s confidence and move towards their goals in small achievable milestones,


  • Males and females (younger adults)

Admissions Criteria:

  • Males and females over 18 years old
  • Individuals with a variety of mental health issues/forensic history
  • Mild/moderate learning disability
  • Informal or community treatment orders (CTO)
  • Slow stream rehabilitation in the community
  • Step down from locked rehabilitation services to low secure
  • Will consider emergency placement

A 24 hour service with individualised day support solutions (1:3) or (1:2) or (1:1)


At Lily Care we provide a round the clock service giving you access to a senior member of staff via our on call service. We can be reached on 07523383958 .

For your needs and personalised enquiries please call us on 01604708361 or email us at