A poem for Lily Care by David Sheasby

What a kindly wealth of comfort

We could give the world today

If we spread a word for others

Who we meet along life's way

If we made a special effort

Just to lend a helping hand

Treat everyone as neighbours

Spreading friendship through the land

Lilly Care are the people

Who try to understand

One in who you can can confide

When things get out of hand

Someone who will listen

When with bad luck you've been hit

Never give advice unless you ask for it



For my Father and Mother

"I chose Lily Care because they gave a prompt response. A full assessment was completed, tailoring the exact care needed. I was also given contact details and encouraged to call any time if I needed help.

Since then lily Care have responded to my parents varying and increasing needs. The carers Lily Care sent have all been pleasant and good, well trained and acceptable to my mum and dad. The care provided has consistently been very good and that has given my parents the ability to stay in their home as they so badly wanted and it has also given me peace of mind.

So I thank you very much. I have always felt that you cared at a personal level and I am very grateful for that".

Jane Best